This was an unprompted email received from a member of the public in relation to an experience she had with one of our drivers. A driver that wasn’t even collecting the author but couldn’t stand by and see this particular situation continue. The driver kept this incident to himself and this email was the first we knew of it. We felt that such a kind act needed to be shared.


Although I have not used your company (yet!), I must write to thank Neil, one of your chauffeurs, for his kindness and compassion.

Recently, my 82 year old father travelled alone with Etihad business class to Heathrow. We had requested wheelchair assistance and I was confident that he would be accompanied from the aircraft to meet his allocated driver. But (from what I can understand), there were queues at passport control and the driver did not wait. My father was left sitting alone in the arrivals hall, whilst the wheelchair attendant went away (I’m not quite sure why). Dad gets confused easily and he would have found this particularly stressful.

Neil was absolutely marvellous in coming to his rescue! He saw that Dad had been abandoned and completely took charge of the situation, helping him to the Etihad service counter and even calling my husband in Bahrain. He looked after Dad, when I’m sure he would have been very upset. He’s an absolute star!!

Personally, I have had some bad experiences with chauffeur services from Heathrow. But Neil’s actions have not only restored my faith in humanity, but also convinced me to choose your company next time. I will definitely recommend Neil and EA Chauffeurs to others.

I wish you all a Very Happy New Year and many thanks again to wonderful Neil!

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