Beware of Post-Covid Rate Changes!


As an operator EA Chauffeurs predominantly work with and support the corporate and business markets. As things slowly start getting back to some kind of normality the corporate travel industry may suffer casualties, but how will this impact those corporate entities that use these services?

A relationship that is based on trust and reliability over a long period of time is very difficult to replicate with a new supplier. If you find that your previous supplier has struggled during these unprecedented times what route do you take to ensure that any new partner will at least give you the confidence that they can meet your expectations?

  • Do you source another supplier by calling whatever number Google throws up? 
  • Take the time and resource to conduct a re-tender?
  • Employ the services of a third party procurement service?

Whichever route you might take there will be one major element to consider - PRICING!

Many operators will be increasing or decreasing rates to either encourage new business or try and recuperate lost revenue but be aware that both of these models will bring their own issues.

Decreased Rates:

  • Potentially a lower level of vehicle than advertised.
  • Driver profile not as professional as expected or advertised.
  • Basic or improvised in-car health measures.
  • Rates are likely to increase to pre-COVID-19 levels very quickly (or in some cases even higher) 

Increased Rates:

  • Same or lesser service than previously supplied but for higher prices therefore no real value for money.
  • Bigger impact on already stretched corporate and business travel budgets.
  • Future rate increases will be relatively much higher than would have previously been. 

Pre-COVID-19 EA Chauffeurs had always set rates realistically for the standard thats expected , - and those rates have remained frozen - making them easy for all to manage and understand. We have also implemented robust financial measures to ensure that we will still be in a position to service our corporate partners into the future - both existing and new - whilst also incorporating full health measures without adjusting rates to compensate.

 We are confident that business travel will return slowly and we have no doubt that many operators be using the "COVID-19 made us do it" excuse for a change in rates,- and in many cases poorer service levels. EA Chauffeurs will not be one of them.

So,- if you are looking for a post-COVID-19 corporate and business chauffeur or executive car service provider, that will take ownership, be pro-active and despite all that has happened will still provide a service provision that is both value for money while still meeting expectations you need look no further than EA Chauffeurs!