Terms and Conditions 


  • EA Chauffeurs operates a 24hr PRE-BOOKED service. We are not a manned 24hr service. However, one of our representatives will always be available while any bookings are live regardless of the time.
  • EA Chauffeurs has a minimum rate of £40.00 for executive travel, £55.00 for MPV and £70.00 for VIP travel.
  • For MPV and/or VIP travel, rates will be 50% more than for an executive booking for the same journey.
  • Tariffs for major sporting events such as Wimbledon, Twickenham, Ascot etc. or any other large-scale social or sporting event will be subject to a 15% surcharge due to increased traffic congestion and journey times involved when these events are live.
  • EA Chauffeurs do not accommodate bookings for: Stag/Hen Events, Proms or Christmas Parties.
  • Congestion Charge/ULEZ – at cost whenever applicable.
  • Dart Charge – at cost.
  • Additional drops/pickups on route during a standard transfer – there will be an extra charge based on the additional mileage rate.
  • Waiting Time – £30.00 per hour or pro rata.
  • Drop off charges are now applicable for the following. These are not charged by EA Chauffeurs but have been implemented by those airports and would be charged at cost to the client:
  • Heathrow (effective from November 2021) £5.00
  • Gatwick £5.00
  • Luton £5.00
  • Stansted £7.00
  • All rates/quotes are subject to VAT at the current rate. 

Corporate/Business Account Facilities

  • All bookings can be charged to an authorised account facility should this be available.
  • All accounts will be invoiced on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s bookings and – unless otherwise agreed – must be settled within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Failure to settle invoiced accounts within the terms agreed will be subject to a 5% administration charge plus VAT on the gross amount of any outstanding invoice. This will be invoiced as a separate item and must be paid within 14 days of that invoice date. Failure to comply with these payment terms may result in further fees and charges being added and may also result in EA Chauffeurs instigating additional action in line with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998. 


Credit Card Account Facilities

  • Any and all trips with prior consent will be charged to any lodged card held securely. This card will also be used for any subsequent transfers made by the card holder only.
  • Statement invoices to be emailed direct on the last day of each month and payment processed within 48 hours.
  • By lodging a valid Credit/Debit Card with EA Chauffeurs you give authority for your card to be debited for all trips and/or additional charges applied to that card account without prior notice and for your card details to be retained under GDPR terms and protocols.

EA Chauffeurs Airport Meet & Greet policy

  • All inbound flights are tracked and monitored with a combination of online search, airports’ automated flight information systems, and a number of flight tracking Apps to ensure a chauffeur is always on time or is aware of any early/delayed arrivals.
  • EA Chauffeurs does not charge extra for their meet and greet service, however the standard 1 hr parking charge is applied to all passenger airport collections. Any increase to this is then charged at cost. For waiting time charges refer to “Waiting Times”.
  • For any collections from private airfields or for private flights into commercial airports a free waiting period of 15 minutes shall be given after the scheduled arrival time. This is because we are unable to track private aircraft/flights and once landed they are not subject to the standard procedures/delays that commercial and scheduled flights are subject to.
  • There may be some occasions such as extremely heavy traffic congestion, or if a flight has landed particularly early, where a passenger may have to wait for the chauffeur that has been booked. However, EA Chauffeurs will always keep in contact with the passenger to ensure that they are aware of the situation.
  • We advise that all clients provide a contact mobile number at the time of booking and switch their phone on as soon as possible once landed.
  • If there are any adverse conditions which will mean the chauffeur will be delayed we would have already left a message on the passengers’ mobile phone to inform them of the fact. We will then stay in constant contact until the client has been met.
  • Without exception all clients/passengers will be met inside the terminals at our designated meeting points (see below) – this does not levy any additional costs apart from those listed in general.
  • Heathrow and Gatwick airports dictate that the areas outside their terminals are for drop-off only. Meeting and collecting passengers outside any of these terminals carries with it substantial fines for the chauffeur and potential revocation of any operator’s licence. Additionally there are now drop off fees chargeable at Gatwick (£5), Luton (£5) and Stansted (£7) with a fee also being implemented at Heathrow from October 2021 (£5)
  • Every EA Chauffeurs driver will assist a client with luggage but it is ultimately the passengers’ responsibility to ensure that all items of luggage, camera/video equipment, handbags and any other items are in the vehicle. No responsibility will be taken by EA Chauffeurs for luggage left in the airport terminal or car parking area.

For International and European arrivals at Heathrow and Gatwick airports the following meeting points apply:


To the right of the Heathrow Express ticket kiosks.
Location: Upon entering the arrivals hall turn to your right and these kiosks are located on your left-hand side.

In front of the Sim Local concession.
Location: Upon entering the arrivals hall follow the barriers to your right and the Sim Local is located directly in front of you.

In front of the Costa Coffee concession.
Location: Upon entering the arrivals hall you will see Costa in front of you on the far side of the terminal.

In front of the “green” lifts.
Location: Upon entering the arrivals hall walk towards the NORTH meeting point and the “green” lifts are on your left past Costa and just before the main exit. Likewise, if you are looking at the Costa coffee concession the green lifts are to the right of this.


In front of the red Currency Exchange kiosk/shop. 
Location: Upon entering the arrivals hall, you will find this opposite Costa Coffee next to the lifts for Regus and Yotel.

In front of the red Currency Exchange Kiosk/Shop. 
Location: Upon entering the arrivals hall turn back on yourself and you will find this located directly opposite M&S Simply Food.



  • EA Chauffeurs accepts all major credit and debit cards (including American Express) with no service charges or processing fees!
  • By making payment with a valid debit or credit card - whether verbally or using our online payment system - you are also authorising EA Chauffeurs to retain your card details securely and inline with current GDPR protocols for any future journeys that you may complete with EA Chauffeurs. If you do not wish this to be the case then please contact the offices of EA Chauffeurs at your earliest conveniance.
  • Payment can also be via any account facility that may be active (See Account Facilities), or by cash. All rates are subject to VAT at the current rate.


  • All quotes are based on the information supplied at the time of enquiry.
  • Journey cost may change should the journey vary from that which was quoted for or should the vehicle level be changed by the client after a price has been quoted. All transfers are subject to – where applicable – additional costs such as car parking, congestion charge etc.

 Daily/Hourly/As Directed Rates

  • These are calculated at no less than £45.00 per hour for our standard executive fleet, £60.00 per hour for our MPV fleet and £70.00 per hour for our VIP fleet.
  • The hourly rates listed above would be inclusive of unlimited mileage.
  • All our rates are based on a start and finish point at our main offices in Byfleet, Surrey (KT14).
  • All car parking fees and/or congestion charge – where applicable – are charged separately and at cost.
  • All hourly/daily/As directed hire will be subject to a minimum 3-hour charge.
  • All hourly/daily/as directed hire cancelled with 24 hours notice or less will still be charged the full minimum 3 hour cost.
  • All hourly/daily/as directed hire cancelled with between 24 hours and 48 hours notice will be charged at 50% of the minimum 3-hour cost.

 General Car Bookings

  • Although to a certain extent we are able to offer an “on-demand” service we would recommend that in order to maintain reliability, guarantee provision and to eliminate waiting times all journeys are pre-booked wherever possible.
  • For bookings where there is no account facility or credit card applied no booking will be undertaken without it first being secured with a valid credit card. By doing so – and if not then paying by cash - you authorise us to debit your card for any applicable charges, including cancellation and/or no shows without prior notice.

Provision Available

  • EA Chauffeurs are able to provide a full range of vehicle types:
  • Executive, VIP and MPV (up to 7 passengers).
  • EA Chauffeurs will always work with our clients in making recommendations in relation to vehicle sizes which we feel would be the most cost efficient and comfortable depending on passenger numbers and amount of luggage.

 Child Seats

  • Due to legislative changes which took effect from 1st April 2017 we are now able to provide a child seat for those that require it.
  • This child seat is a High Back Booster 15-36kgs and fully compliant to current ECE.R44/04 legislation.
  • If you require it then please make this clear at the point of booking. However, if you are providing your own then we are more than happy to retain this for your return journey if you so wish, but again please make this clear at the point of booking.
  • Using either provision it is still your sole responsibility to ensure that your child is seated securely and correctly. 
  • **Our chauffeurs have been fully briefed on the usage of this seat however, EA Chauffeurs cannot be held responsible for any injury/injuries sustained due to a child being incorrectly secured into this seat or any seat supplied by the individual/s travelling with that child.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the guardian/parent(s) to ensure that not only are they happy with the placement of the child seat either supplied by themselves or EA Chauffeurs, but that the child is secured safely and within the guidelines.

Waiting Times

  • For inbound airport transfers a free waiting period of 45 minutes shall be given from the confirmed flight landing time. Thereafter waiting time will be charged at £30.00 per hour pro-rata in 15-minute increments. There are occasions where an inbound flight is confirmed but the status changes while the chauffeur is actually in the terminal. If this occurs then additional waiting time may be applied.
  • Collections from offices will be subject to a 15-minute grace period before any waiting time is applied. Any waiting time between 15 and 30-minutes however will be charged at the entire 30-minutes and then £30.00 per hour pro-rata in 15-minute increments.
  • Waiting time from homes/hotels/venues will be applied at 15-minute increments from the booking time. 

 Cancellations/No Shows

  • For account/credit card clients for a standard A to B booking with one or two vehicles any cancellation with 90-minutes or less notice will be charged at the full rate as per booked. For any account/credit card booking where the passenger is a “no show” this will be invoiced/charged at the published rate plus any applicable waiting time, parking and/or any additional costs incurred by the chauffeur solely in relation to the transfer.
  • Any hourly/daily/as directed booking cancelled with 24hrs notice or less will still be charged at our minimum 3hr tariff for a booking of this kind. This charge will also be reflective of the level of vehicle booked.
  • All hourly/daily/as directed hire cancelled with between 24 hours and 48 hours notice will be charged at 50% of the minimum 3-hour cost.This charge will also be reflective of the level of vehicle booked.
  • Where a client has failed to show for an airport collection the charge levied will be the full cost of the booked transfer please waiting time. Waiting time will be calculated from the confirmed time that the chauffeur entered the terminal (within reason) until it was established that the passenger was a “no show” plus any applicable parking charges at cost.
  • For any no show for a standard AtoB or other booking the charge will be the full cost of the booked transfer plus any applicable waiting time.
  • For any event and/or booking where 2 or more vehicles are required the full charge - or minimum tariff - per vehicle will be applied if any are cancelled with less than 24hrs notice.
  • For any event and/or booking where 2 or more vehicles are required 50% of the full charge - or minimum tariff - per vehicle will be applied if any are cancelled with between 24 & 48hrs notice.
  • For all VIP bookings that are cancelled with 24hrs or less notice the full cost for that booking will still be charged
  • For all VIP bookings that are cancelled with between 24hrs and 48hrs notice 50% of the full cost will still be charged  

 Out of Hours Surcharge

  • For any bookings where the time of collection is from Midnight but before 05:00 a £10.00 out-of-hours surcharge will apply. 

Additional Information

  • Any person or persons who cause damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle supplied through direct or indirect actions will be liable for the full costs of repairs plus any potential loss of earnings to the chauffeur capped at £100.00 per day.
  • Any person or persons that soil the interior of the vehicle in any way will be liable to a valeting charge of £250 plus any potential loss of earnings capped at £100.00 per day.
  • Please ensure that you book the correct size of vehicle for the amount of luggage that you may have. EA Chauffeurs is more than happy to advise you accordingly. The chauffeurs invest a significant amount of resource into their vehicles and will not agree to luggage being placed on seats. If any seat and/or upholstery/trim is damaged as a result of this then the passenger will be liable for the full cost of repairs plus any loss of earnings capped at £100.00 per day.
  • If an additional or larger vehicle has to be booked due to luggage requirements then you will be charged for both vehicles plus any applicable waiting time and/or parking at cost.
  • Any chauffeurs working on behalf of EA Chauffeurs will show respect and professionalism at all times and we would ask that passengers treat the chauffeur with the same respect and professionalism.
  • Should you find any chauffeur that does not meet the standards required or expected please contact our offices at your earliest convenience.
  • All chauffeurs reserve the right to refuse transfers to any individual or group who appear or display signs of being excessively intoxicated due to the effects of alcohol or drugs and any booking will still be charged at the full rate.
  • EA Chauffeurs operates a zero policy to abusive, reckless or violent behaviour. Any passenger which takes part in any such conduct will be expelled from the vehicle and will be reported to Police.
  • EA Chauffeurs reserves the right to amend, add or delete Terms and Conditions, rates, surcharges and/or levies wherever applicable without prior notice.