COVID-19 Information

EA Chauffeurs are committed to the mitigation of any further spread of Covid and as a result we have established every procedure possible to ensure the health and safety of our passengers and drivers.

We have - and will be - taking the following measures to protect the health of all concerned.

  • Our membership to the Safe Taxi and Private Hire Charter. Please view the video for further information on this and what it means.
  • Where applicable all our staff and drivers are being encouraged to have - or have already received - one of the Covid19 vaccinations and we will continue to update clients accordinlgy providing complete transparency.
  • The installation of the AirLabs Airbubbl Air Filtration units into our entire fleet
  • Reducing passenger numbers inside our vehicles to a maximum of 2 passengers in our saloon and VIP vehicles and a maximum of 4 passengers in all our MPV’s.
  • The installation of government approved driver and passenger partitions.
  • Request that wherever possible passengers wear face coverings or masks.
  • The removal of papers, magazines and publications from all vehicles as well as peripherals such as tissues and other similar items.
  • The reintroduction of bottled water within our vehicles however each indivdually sanitised and packaged.
  • Drivers to wipe down all vehicle interiors after every transfer.