COVID-19 Information

Since the start of the Covid crisis EA Chauffeurs have been - and continue to be - committed to protecting our passengers and drivers and ensuring all transfers take place in a safe environment.

However, with infection rates falling drastically, symptoms becoming more mild, the removal of the need to self isolate and the governemnt now switching to a guidance narrative after removing all covid restrictions we here at EA Chauffeurs are being proactive in the following:

  • Our membership to the Safe Taxi and Private Hire Charter will continue Please view the video for further information on this and what it means.
  • All our drivers and staff are now fully vaccinated including the 3rd "booster".
  • In those vehicles that had them insalled the AirLabs Airbubbl Air Filtration units will remain..
  • All drivers will fully respect the passengers' choice to continue wearing a face covering while travelling with us.
  • Drivers will continue to wipe down/sanitise all vehicle interiors after every transfer.
  • We will continue to provide hand sanitisation in all vehicles where applicable